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Dead Air
– (Horror) Directed by Corbin Bernsen. A radio show team attempts to warn its listeners after a huge explosion turns zombies loose in downtown L.A.

Players Toast Awards
– (Documentary) An annual award show to find the biggest player in the world as well as a documentary that chronicles the life of a player. Hosted by Ice T.

Mothers Day
– (Horror) Directed by Rob Walker. A family of demons who’ve taken human form terrorize a group of vacationers spiraling them into a fight for their lives.


Black Box TV
– (Sci-Fi/Horror) Editor for a series of short films for Black Box TV’s sci-fi horror anthology series. (Girls On Ice, Dick Head, Girl in the Basement, Catch My Fall)

Worst Race Scenario
– (Comedy) A peculiar dream sets Chris on a quest to make a black friend. But can he get to one black friend without making a few black enemies?

Quinceañera Crashers
– (Comedy) Determined to meet Latin women, 2 friends are the victims of a cruel joke where they’re tricked into thinking a Quinceañera is a Latin wedding.

– (Horror/Comedy) An antique chair becomes possessed by an ancient spirit and wreaks havoc on a local prop house, picking off its employees one by one.

Stevie Livingston: Production Ass
– (Comedy/Mockumentary) A naïve, accident prone production assistant tries breaking into the movie scriptwriting business from the bottom.
*** Winner 2nd place in the Los Angeles So Cal Cinema Slam film festival.

The Lament of the Adderall Aficionado
– (Psychological Thriller) Desperate to finish his term paper on time, this is the story of one careless mans mental journey through a severe Adderall overdose.
*** Featured in a US Health article detailing the role of stimulants in American society.


Behind the Video
– (Behind the scenes) Editor for a series of behind the scenes spots for music videos. Artists included Asher Roth, Busta Rhymes, Lil Wayne and other various Universal Motown artists.

Lloyd: Lessons in Love
– (Documentary) A 30 minute “day in the life of” style documentary for the extended version of R&B singer Lloyd’s new album “Lessons in Love.”

George Melies: The Father of Special Effects
– (Documentary) The life of the 1900s film pioneer, George Melies.
*** Used as a teaching aid for ECU’s History of the Moving Image class, aired on the ECU Campus 31 network, & featured in the French filmmaking magazine “Telerama.”

“The Next Hot Video Vixen”
– (Reality) Aspiring dancers compete in a series of dance competitions for a feature role in a rap video as well as cash and other endorsements.


Amex (Production For ®)
– (Promo) Editor for a spot promoting American Express’ brand new trade show business lounges.

Scion A/V
– (Interview) In house editor for hundreds of promotional interviews with various DJs, Bands, and Artists.

Lil Wayne Promotional Spot
– (Promo) A two minute promo for Lil Wayne’s new album “Tha Carther III.”

“American Knockout”
– (Sizzle Reel) From “The Contender’s” Scott Madden comes a new elimination show about women UFC fighters.

“Immigration Nation”
– (Sizzle Reel) A new show that chronicles the struggles and turmoil of immigration and the difficulties of becoming a United States citizen.

Murphy Lee “My Shoes” Behind the Video
– (Promo) Documentary style behind the video for rapper Murphy Lee’s music video for his newest single “My Shoes.”

Asher Roth “I Love College” Behind the Video
– (Promo) Behind the video spot for Asher Roth’s “I Love College” music video.


“Grateful” Commercial
– (Commercial) Commercial for Temecula’s 24 Hour Urgent Care facility.

Habitat for Humanity P.S.A.
– (Public Service Announcement) P.S.A. for Habitat for Humanity’s North Carolina branch to promote awareness of substandard housing in Pitt County and ways to help with Habitat.


Bon USA ®
– Full time editor for Bon USA which handled promotional material for Toyota & Scion A/V.

The Studio Hub ®
– Full time editor for a post production house in West Hollywood that cut everything from reality TV to feature films.

Inspire Entertainment ® “Christmas at the Grove”
– Technical Advisor/Editor: Technical advisor for Inspire entertainment’s “Christmas at the Grove” project. Responsibilities included regulating and training employees in a fast paced Final Cut Pro and DVD burning workflow.

Bachelor of Arts Degree: Media Production – East Carolina University December 2006